Find awesome animated images and pictures known as CompuServe GIF images, or "GIFS". We have the most up to date animations because we make our own, not just gather the best gifs from all around the Internet. These are not old corny out of date dancing clowns or what have you. This page has animated gifs of comercials, funny commercials.

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Free Animated Pictures is not another website full of copy cat gif images or small one-to-two motion images. We are chalk full of fun, creative, funny animations. And hopefully some people find some animated pictures here useful. Ever see a commercial where some parts just stick with you? Well we have fun re-creating those parts and posting them as GIF images that anyone can use. We, as of yet, have not tagged our name into the GIFs as it does not seem necessary. If you want to use one of the images for your own business or website, you do not want some other websites name posted in the corner, right? So..ENJOY! We've truly made them for YOU.
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Best of Free Animated Gif Commercials 
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Some sort of copyright here - 2014 - Bla Bla - don't do this and that - whatever - do what you want =) Thanks - New Animated Gif Pictures
Did you know I am as buff as that black dude in the gif commercial above to the left? Well I am not. But I am good at making GIF pictures and then providing them to you for free. If you want one of these commercial animations then just download them for free. You support our business by just visiting this website and we appreciate it.

This is a gif page of the best commercial GIF pictures ever created. Well, not just this page but this one and the many like it on this site.

This particular page has Mila Kunis (did you know she is from Ukraine?), and some attractive young lady at a car wash, and some other really funny commercials from TV.
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