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We made all the GOOD gifs on this page, including the CHRISTmas one above. If you don't like it...too bad!  =)
Some sort of copyright here - 2014 - Bla Bla - don't do this and that - whatever - do what you want =) Thanks - New Animated Gif Pictures
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Thanks for checking out the Festive Pictures page of Free Animated Pictures. We have free gifs to download of Christmas tree's, decorations, lights on houses and snow-men.
A lot of the gifs on this particular page are from out-side sources. However the really good quality gif images we created here special just for you. Christmas is such a special time of year - time for family and friends. You can share these festive gifs with them in emails, online invitations or as text messages.

That's right - all gifs work as text messages even on iPhones.