The best and most up to date and advanced animated GIF images are on this website. We have only high quality GIFs made by us and for YOU. The website is safe for all eyes; There is nothing worse then the animated picture of the girls directly above this. Also, we can make anything! From the servers and signs on the businesses page to animated cartoons or real life images like this hover jet to the left, we can do it all.

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Animated pictures on this site are mostly high quality animated gif images. We make them using 3, or sometimes 5, different tools. We collect video from the Internet or take our own video. Free-Animated-Pictures then converts the video into a special format. After that we shop up the best parts and cut the frames into fragments between .5 and .9 seconds apart. Those images are then loaded into a gif converter like what you use on those free websites out there to make your own gifs. After we make OUR OWN, we upload them to this website for our visitors to take. We make money on the ads that people click on. If you see something interesting, please click on it to visit the sponsors website. It helps us to be able to make these great gif images and then give them away for free. 
Animated images for fun and for free!

For guys
For girls
For kids; animated clips to help teach
Jungle and Forest, waters falls etc..
Fail clips, funny images of accidents

Explore all the animated images we have. They are all animated and most of them made by us. There are a lot of catagories and themes for people in all stages of lifes, and for all holidays!
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