This page of Free Animated Pictures ( has a few great quality images (known as "GIFS"). Gifs were originally created by CompuServe and these days, 2012, 2013 and so forth gifs can be created by anyone who wants to make them. There are some online websites that let you make your own using their software as well.

What Free Animated Pictures has done is take out all the work of making them, as well as ad in our own amazing creativity. We hope you enjoy watching the images we have made. They are meant to be amusing gifs, free gifs and great quality gifs (new gifs, 2013 gif pictures etc). And if you want to use animated pics for a website or presentation you are working on, you have our permission to use any animated gifs you would like from this free gif website!
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Jungle, Forest & Water -  Animated Gif Pictures 
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