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Okay folks, here is the down-and-dirty on why we make these tiny text animations (small text gifs or tiny texts that move) the way we do. We have had hundreds of people asking about this so here it is:
The nature of the CompuServe gif does not lend itself nicely to transparency or gradients. So here is what a gif looks like without a back ground:
You can see the word gif above is not perfect, and not high quality. When people are reading, you do not want some of the words to look "fuzzy" or "blocky".
We tried messing with the images using PNG's that are then turned into GIF's etc... And as we thought, the result is basically the same:
Now the "great tiny animated word gif" above, looks GREAT. This is because it is not transparent. It has a background and in this case it is white. This is why we have our tiny text gifs (tm) with a white background. White is the most commonly used background color that text is written on. Okay, now you know. Enjoy!
The animated text words are made in font size 11, Arial. We will have more options as time goes on. If you need something specific, email us - the contact page is above.
Here is an example of a "tiny font animated gif" that has half white back ground, and half transparent. The idea is that if its used in a sentence, the words over-spill (the dots) can go over your normal text / font, but the word "perfect" still remains good looking. You can see however, this comes out as looking anything but perfect!  =(
Try try,          !
<--- See here, the explanation mark is real text (or font). But the gif can go over it, since this area of the tiny image is transparent. Works okay... Despite using the sharpen tool on PS, some text / font gifs just turn out better than others.
<- the dot in the i changes
This website seems to work best with FireFox or Internet Explorer. FYI  -     Images frozen? Wait longer, or refresh the page...
Notice this tiny font gif will only move once. It will underline itself two or three times, when a page is opened (not refreshed except for IE). After that it stays looking like a normal text / font. This mimics the way flash works, but uses the out-dated but still practical technology of GIF IMAGES!  yaaaaay   =)
There was an erupting              while we were there!
You have to look really close in some of these tiny gif's to see the detail, like this frozen image gif for example!
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